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This industrial energy storage solution provides advanced functionality for frequency regulation, demand response, backup power, microgrids, and peak-shaving.  The Princeton Power Systems ReActive Energy Storage system is integrated into a weatherproof, transportable container. 

Modular up to 2MW   DRI-10 (10kW Demand Response Inverter)  GTIB-30 (30kW Demand Response Inverter)   Configuration Options: Princeton Power Systems Site Controller with communications options.


  • Microgrids
    • Enables multiple generators to tie in to a micro-grid via AC-coupling
    • Reduces generator operating time, wear, and maintenance
    • Enables monitoring and control of flexible grids with high power quality
    • Built-in redundancies, for highly-reliable micro-grid systems 
  • Ancillary Services
    • Provides distributed grid services in 10/30kW modules
    • Participates in Area Frequency Regularion and other ISO markets
    • Built-in DNP3, Modbus and other communications for third-party software compatibility. 
  • Grid Support Services
    • System Agregate Capabilities
    • Peak-power shaving, time-shifting, demand response
    • Enables high penetration levels of solar behind substations by resolving voltage issues
    • Smooth intermittency, ramping, flicker from large wind farms
  • Battery Options - 25kWh- 5mWh    - Lithium ion      
    • Provides improvement in energy density       
    • Provides improvement in cycle life 
    • Lead Acid (AgM0)      
    • Common Commercially-available battery chemistry     
    • Cost-effective for several applications
PEMS250 500G1

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Phone: (609) 955-5390 x114

Phone: (609) 955-5390 x114