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Introduced in 2008, the Princeton Power Systems' GTIB-100 was the first bi-directional inverter designed for advanced batteries, solar, on-grid and off-grid applications. The GTIB-100, is our flagship product and has been chosen for best in class microgrid applications around the world for the past five years.


  • Bi-directional
  • Demand Response
  • Peak Shaving
  • Island Mode
  • Demand Dispatch
  • Frequency Regulation


With 97% efficiency, the GTIB has built-in MPPT for solar arrays and high round-trip efficiency for battery charging.

  • Peak Efficiency: 97% (PV to Grid)
  • CEC Efficiency: 94.5% (PV to Grid)

The GTIB is compatible with advanced communication protocols including MODBUS RTU. The GTIB offers a wide input voltage range and EV Fast-Charging options. Wide DC input voltage range offers flexibility when selecting DC sources such as batteries and PV arrays.


  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Compatible with advanced energy storage
  • Integrated charge controller
  • MPPT
  • Web-based remote performance monitoring, control, fault clearing, firmware upgrade *See options list for additional GTIB-100 options.


Power Rating 100kW
Power Terminals 1 DC | 2AC*
DC Voltage (Battery) 290-800 VDC (110 kW)
280-800 VDC (105 kW)
DC Voltage (PV) 290-800 VDC (110 kW)
280-800 VDC (105 kW)
AC Voltage (Grid) 480 VAC +10%, -12%, 3-phase 3/(4 wire with transformer option)
AC Voltage (Loads) 480 VAC + 10%, -12%, 3-phase 3/(4 wire with transformer option)
Max Current (Amp) 133 A RMS
Dimensions: Inches: 36 W x 18 D x 75 H
Centimeters: 91 W x 45 D x 190 H
Enclosure: NEMA 1 (indoor)
Standards Compliance: IEEE 1547, CEC, NYSERDA,
UL 1741 (Certificate: US 72130708 01)
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Phone: (609) 955-5390 x114

Phone: (609) 955-5390 x114