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Princeton Power Systems’ newest product, the BIGI-250, is a 250 kW battery-integrated inverter that comes equipped with two discrete, 250 kW DC inputs. Offering a wide input voltage range, the BIGI-250’s highly innovative design can be configured for various applications and is compatible with advanced grid communication protocols. This inverter offers high efficiency, proven reliability and unprecedented flexibility.

The BIGI-250 offers Smart Grid functionality saving you time and money. Advanced Functions include:

  • Demand response
  • Peak shaving
  • VAR support
  • Area frequency regulation (AFR)
  • Grid-tied mode
  • Island mode
  • Microgrid/UPS mode


The BIGI-250 offers 95.3% efficiency with built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for solar arrays and high round-trip efficiency for battery charging.

The BIGI-250 is the world's first three-port industrial scale solar inverter, with UL listing and thousands of operating hours in commercial applications since 2012.

For applications combining solar with battery storage, and even multiple types of batteries, the three port (two DC and one AC) BIGI-250 offers an extremely efficient and cost-effective package.


  • GFDI
  • Compatible with advanced energy storage
  • Dark start
  • Internal AC Disconnect
  • Internal DC Disconnect (BATTERY PORT ONLY)
  • MPPT
  • Charge Controller
  • Web-based remote performance monitoring, control, fault clearing)

    *See options list for additional BIGI-250 options.


Power Rating 250 kW
Power Terminals 2 DC | 1 AC
DC Voltage (Battery) 415-600 VDC
DC Voltage (PV) 415-600 VDC
AC Voltage (Grid) 480 VAC +10%, -12%, 3-phase 3/4 wire
Max Current (Amp) 325 A RMS
Dimensions: Inches: 90.5 W x 41 D x 70 H
Centimeter: 229 W x 104 D x 177 H
Enclosure: NEMA 1 (indoor)
Standards Compliance: IEEE 1547, UL 1741 (Certificate: US 72132187 01)
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Phone: (609) 955-5390

Phone: (609) 955-5390