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The Princeton Power Systems' Energy Storage Systems (ESS) makes adding a turnkey energy storage component to a facility or project fast, easy and cost-effective. The ESS is designed to be scalable and available in pre-engineered PEMS solutions as well as custom ISO containers and sized to your unique power (kWs) and energy (kWhs) needs using multiple inverters and battery racks in a weatherproof enclosure.

The systems use inverter building blocks and can support several battery technologies including, but not limited to, sealed lead acid, large-format lithium iron phosphate and hybrid batteries. Each ESS comes equipped with all the appropriate balance of system components and safety features.

Our ESS solutions are equipped with web-based monitoring and control, which allows real-time views of operating data and integration with building management systems, SCADA systems, and data services such as PJM interconnection signals. Additionally, the ESS is compatible with a range of third-party monitoring and control platforms.

Our team of expert engineers will recommend the optimal system based on your unique needs, designed for easy installation with minimal on-site engineering required.

The system may consist of multiple inverters and batteries, allowing it to be configured from 30 kW to Multi-MW according to customer needs.

The system is capable of providing scalable capacities including power and energy batteries. The amount of power combined with the amount of energy required will determine the container or PEMS size and contribute to the overall configuration.

Princeton Power Systems and its partners have pre-engineered solutions with the world's leading battery manufacturers. Contact us today to talk about these available solutions. Battery agnostic. Compatible with various battery types such as lead-acid, lithium-iron-phosphate, and hybrid lead-acid.

Please contact a Princeton Power Systems Sales Engineer for a solution that's customized to your general specifications.


Phone: (609) 955-5390

Phone: (609) 955-5390