Our team of experienced engineers specializes in providing customized design and certification solutions. With a keen understanding of power electronics, and a certified testing lab, we provide a variety of services including applications engineering, system design, testing and certification and product evaluation services. Contact our highly-skilled team today and get started on your unique energy application.

Micro-grid refers to a system that combines electric generation, distribution and loads in a single facility. Princeton Power Systems has installed a number of micro-grids across the country. Two good examples are the completely off-grid system powering Alcatraz Island and the Scripps Ranch Emergency Response Center in San Diego, CA.

All of our inverters are listed to UL1741 and other relevant safety certifications that allow them to be disconnected. By integrating solar generation, battery storage and a generator as appropriate, a facility can theoretically be powered indefinitely.

System Design
The Princeton Power Systems team of highly-skilled engineers is uniquely qualified to design next-generation renewable energy systems — incorporating energy storage, grid support, communications, controls and micro grid capabilities. Our designs are well beyond the scope of traditional distributed-generation system designs, based on our in-depth knowledge of electronics that interconnect the various loads and generators as well as our expertise in testing and interoperational requirements. Leveraging our experience, our team designs not only the best possible systems, but also does so quickly and efficiently.

Certified Testing Lab
Princeton Power Systems owns and operates a full-fledged lab to test and certify high-power and high-voltage electronics to various third-party standards. This includes UL 1741, IEEE 1547, CSA, CEC and EN standards. We closely work with certifying agencies and can assist customers in testing and certifying their products, with a particular expertise in North-American compatibility.



Phone: (609) 955-5390

Phone: (609) 955-5390